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  • Tropical Storm Nadine not a threat to land

    No land masses are in the path of Tropical Storm Nadine, the latest named system to form in the Atlantic Ocean basin this year.
  • New tropical depression forms in east Atlantic

    The fifteenth tropical cyclone of the Atlantic hurricane season formed early Tuesday morning about 1000 miles east of Africa.
  • Hurricane Michael continues to gain strength

    Continuing its track record of rapid intensification, Michael is now a Category 1 Hurricane, when just 24 hours ago it was still a tropical depression.
  • "Central American Gyre" could spawn tropical system next week

    Even though we've made it past September and the statistical peak of hurricane season, history tells us that October can still be very busy in the tropics--especially for South Florida.

  • Leslie becomes a hurricane, still no threat to land

    Leslie has continued to strengthen overnight, and as of the 5 a.m. advisory from the National Hurricane Center, Leslie has been upgraded from a tropical storm to a Category 1 Hurricane with winds of 75 miles per hour.
  • Nighttime shelf cloud spotted amid lightning over Fort Myers

    Shelf clouds are not uncommon during stormy weather, and they are one of nature's most ominous cloud formations, especially when viewed from a distance.
  • Naples ties July 9 heat record

    The city of Naples hit a scorching high of 96 degrees this afternoon, tying the record high temperature for July 9.  
  • Hurricanes are slowing, which could be a big problem

    Hurricanes and tropical storms, known as tropical cyclones, are moving slower around the planet, according to a new study from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientist James Kossin.

  • Weather Blog: Florida sees record levels of drought-busting rain

    It was a long dry season, long enough to keep a most of Southwest Florida in moderate to severe drought just one week ago. My how things have changed!
  • Weekend rain may kick-start rainy season for Southwest Florida

    It's often the million dollar question this time of year: when will our rainy season begin?
  • USGS: Earthquake reported south of New Orleans in Gulf of Mexico, no threat of tsunami

    A 4.6 magnitude earthquake rattled beneath the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday afternoon approximately 160 miles to the southeast of New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Weather Blog: Lyrid Meteor Shower

    If you're up late tonight (or early Sunday morning before sunrise) be sure to keep a sharp eye to the sky! The Lyrid meteor shower peaks tonight, with up to 20 meteors visible per hour in prime viewing conditions.  
  • Why we are seeing record high temperatures in February

    We've either broken or tied a record temperature five out of the last six days across Southwest Florida. Why is this happening?
  • Florida well water levels change after earthquake in Gulf of Alaska

    Florida well water levels changed briefly after Tuesday's earthquake in the Gulf of Alaska.
  • Weather Blog: Why Alaska avoided disastrous tsunami

    Take a look at how the Pacific coast avoided a disastrous tsunami.

  • Weather Blog: What's the snowiest region of the US?

    In the wake of a major push of Arctic air over the eastern United States last week, five regions of the country now have snow cover percentages exceeding 90 percent.

  • Winter storm warning in North Florida, wind chill advisory in South Florida

    Winter Storm Warning is active in Florida, while Southwest Florida is under a wind chill advisory.
  • Fog Blog: What's with all the fog in Southwest Florida?

    We've been getting a lot questions on Facebook and Twitter, 'Why has the fog been so bad lately?' There are a few variables contributing...
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    Geminid meteor shower peaks this week

    Grab a coat and a warm drink if you want to catch the Geminid meteor shower this week.

  • Weather Blog: Naples sets record low max temp

    Naples, Florida warmed up to only 59 degrees this afternoon, making it the coldest daytime high temperature on record for December 10th.

  • Weather Blog: Snow in Florida? Could happen tonight

    weather blog: snow in florida? could happen tonight

    Freezing or near-freezing temperatures are expected in the western Panhandle tonight, even at popular beach towns like Fort Walton and Destin.

  • Weather Blog: Enjoy warm weekend, next weekend may be different

    December is here, but there is NO chill in the Southwest Florida air. Over the weekend temperatures will remain above average, with highs in the lower 80s.

  • 2017 hurricane season won't be forgotten anytime soon

    Florida residents, along with many others, have been waiting for this day to come, the end of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

  • Weather Blog: Numbers to know from the 2017 hurricane season

    With the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season ending Thursday, let's look at some of the most important numbers from a record-setting year.

  • Weather Blog: 'R' storms are rare occurrence

    Rina is only the sixth "R" storm since naming began in 1950.
  • Robert Van Winkle announces retirement from NBC2

    An early retirement has always been on Robert Van Winkle’s radar. The goal was to finish by the end of 2017 - but then life made its own plans for him.

  • Viewer Question: Why do storm systems stall out?

    Several NBC2 viewers have asked our weather department over the past two days: "why do storm systems stall out?"