Men used credit cards disguised as gift cards to steal gas

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A gas guzzling duo is accused of stealing fuel by using credit cards disguised as gift cards.

Lee County deputies arrested Yoel Lopez-Gomez and Andres Fernandez-Izquirdo after finding dozens of the tweaked gift cards, as well as the tricked-out SUV that helped them carry out the crime.

The Lee County Sheriff's Office confirms an increase in credit card fraud happening at gas pumps in Lehigh Acres.

According to both men's arrest reports, a deputy noticed suspicious behavior from the men as they pumped gas at the Wawa on Colonial Boulevard approaching Lehigh Acres. They were later pulled over near Lucket Road and Golden Lake Road.

Deputies said the SUV had a strong odor of diesel coming from inside. When they conducted their search, they noted the crooks had covered two fuel tanks with a leather material meant to look like back row seats. A steel line ran between the tanks, and a metal switch tucked away above the driver's side floorboard activated the mechanism.

Both Lopez-Gomez and Fernandez-Izquirdo have bonded out of jail.

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