Kirk holding steady, watching two more systems

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Across the tropics this weekend we have a new tropical storm, a tropical depression, and two systems that could get a name in the coming days.

Tropical Storm Kirk formed Saturday morning off the western coast of Africa with winds up to 40 miles per hour. There hasn't been much change with Kirk on Saturday, it remains a weak and fairly disorganized system. The storm continues to move west at around 14 mph.

Kirk is expected to stay away from land over the next four days, moving over some warm waters but also battling strong wind shear. Kirk is thus expected to stay a tropical storm during this period. Kirk will have to be monitored as it approaches the Caribbean.

Tropical Depression Eleven formed on Friday but is not long for this world. Strong wind shear in the Caribbean will force the system to dissipate on Sunday or Monday. You can see the strong wind shear in red working against the system.

A bit closer to home we have two non-tropical systems that could become tropical and get a name fairly soon.

The wave that is to the west close to Bermuda (Invest 98) has been given a 40% chance of development over the next five days. Even while this system is not expected to develop within that time frame, models are bringing that bit of moisture back close to the Carolinas. It's a sickening track considering the last thing the victims of Hurricane Florence need is more rain.

The other wave off to the east, called Invest 90, has a better chance for development than Invest 98. Some forecast models even develop this area into a hurricane. This area will remain in the open Atlantic and not impact land for the foreseeable future.

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